Wednesday, 8 May 2019


The other day I drove to a distance,
Not far, on a friends vehicle, in the city.
I saw broken road barriers and traffic lights,
Dismembered not by the weather, but
as was obvious, by commuters’ vehicles.

So much turmoil in the driving skills of motorists.
For a driving of a few minutes,
I was truly stressed up from repeated cases
of lawlessness as people drive,
As though absent minded.

People shout with ready to loose tempers,
“Give way, You goat!”
“See how you drive like Moomoo!”,
Thus, I was bashed when I stopped
For pedestrians to use the ‘Zebra crossing’.

I was constantly on the defensive.
Because I had lived where traffic order,
among others, is scrupulously complied with,
I forgot these trends.
But, why exhibit such restiveness?

Everyone appears a culprit.
Why antagonise people
Who abide by the traffic signs,
The speed limits, the road lanes,
And general traffic laws?

Why drive with such wild haste?
We only but maim ourselves, and
Destroy our road facilities and our lives.
Keep the required gap between moving vehicles,
And keep, on all zones, stated speed limits.

Why drive children to school with such fury?
The roads, after-all, may not be good,
For the speed you are on.
It is in your interest not to be
Reckless as you drive between the lanes.

We need you as well as everyone,
To stay alive and be responsible.
May your vehicle serve you for as long,
As you care for its well-being,
And the well-being of fellow road users.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


When you look carefully back,
When you were on mama’s back
When you toddled and fell back,
When you happily began to walk,
When, being rude, you received a smack,
When you played with friends in the dark,
And made your dress all black;

Do you remember your school years?
While boarding with your peers?
Those moments, you were all cheers,
When you played and laughed with tears,
There were, as well, moments of fears,
When you had to run downstairs,
To hide from seniors and their sneers.

Do you recall when you started to work?
As a novice, you often got stuck?
Then you ascended due to your hard work?
Others would say this guy had lots of luck.
You created a spirit of teamwork.
You developed a successful network,
Of friends like a true Young Turk.

Life moved from one stage to the other,
You got married and became a father,
Begot one child after another,
Sisters and brothers growing up together,
Happy to have got a dutiful mother,
And the company of a lovely grandmother,
A family that prays for their forefathers.

You worked so people could have light,
You laboured all through the night,
I cannot recall seeing you fight,
Either with people or for your right.
Noble character led you to limelight,
As simple as good morning or good night,
Life can after all be a hallmark of delight.

You became a kind of celebrity,
Always wishing for prosperity,
And the need for giving charity,
Your kindness was surely a rarity,
It was easy to feel your sincerity,
I will align with you in solidarity,
So we could leave a mark for posterity.

Then I heard that you have died,
Was it true or have people lied?
I then noticed how everyone cried,
I praised God as our ultimate Guide,
There is no place for anybody to hide,
Those guided and those who misguide,
Leave your hair perpetually dyed.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Appreciating our colleagues

Two colleagues, Mustapha and Matilda, having completed their foreign service, were treated to a farewell party at the Embassy of Nigeria in Brussels, Belgium on the 17th July 2018. Praises were showered on the duo for their hard work and good naturedness. I missed the occasion as I was engaged in an official assignment. I however decided to make for my missed chance by composing an "Ode" of two stanzas to state my admiration for their dedication.

Everyone sees pleasure on your face
Good Matilda and Groovy Mustapha,
As you receive showers of praise,
A recognition of a rightful place
For the vigour with which you grasp,
Your work and the values you clasp,
You related well with the Mission,
And its staff to ascend the vision,
of a prosperous and secure nation.

Accept the good wishes of all.
Rank higher and higher, stand tall, 
His Excellency has said it all,
You stood like a very strong wall,
You worked well in answer to your call,
We are sad that you are leaving our fold,
But happy that you aspire to unfold,
Potentials you devotedly got tenfold,
Make your work ethics a stronghold,
So others could mimique your foothold

Friday, 24 August 2018

Changing the climate


Once upon a time, through all climes,
Society was Peaceful and fragrant,
Occupationally responsible.
It protected nature as it would children from danger.
Humans remained humans, and animals animals.
The weather smiled in hearty approval and responded
With courteous disposition.
Dry seasons fetched the Rains, Winter the Spring,
Ushering abundance and assurance.
Trees grew taller, grasses greener and air fresher.
The expansive wild ensured no animals went extinct.
The great sea keeps the Alps and Atlas in strategic juxtaposition
So no one rocks the boat.
Travellers reached destinations and returned Safely,
To the merriment of compatriots.


Then enters Globalisation where
Ominous possibilities proliferate.
Furious technologies of Space and war
Alter the fabric of nature, un-taming its bowels,
Exuding, among others, a repulsive bile:
The ubiquitous climate change.
Green House Gases ooze to deflate the Ozone. 
Warmer temperatures melt age old glaciers and
Acidify oceans.
Unto the world unrolls the quadruple phenomena of 
Tsunamis, Fires, Draughts and wars,
Which lacerate the earth,
Add tons of heat and socio-economic scars,
To keep everlasting fountain of tears
On its once beautiful face.


To allow this edginess of man who breaks his back 
To perfect skills and tools to annihilation,
The Earth converges its experiences,
Shortens its distances.
G.M.O. determines our lifestyles,
A.I. makes a sea change of them,
And on our humanity, our sense of Justice.
Elsewhere becomes everywhere.
Conflicts swell among erstwhile harmonious communities.
Righteous peoples displace and maim
women, Children and the old.
Deaths from unfathomed ailments
No longer were alien.
Humanity’s poor feels technically at sea,
Their cries rising in the wilderness.
Woes in pictographic clarity are reported
With mirthless smiles and tear-less eyes.
Modern society moves with extraordinary revisionist fervour,
To question its basis of existence.

Friday, 27 April 2018


He appears topsy-turvy,
Not measuring up to his class,
His mind seems hollowed,
Emptying at the bottom what enters from the top.
Children giggle at his jumpiness,
His clumsiness.
He has few friends
Or no friends.
Is he really a daft?
His mind wiggles with fright
When he recalls how his father
Was hacked in the middle of the day,
and his mother taken away,
When his village was ransacked
by the insurgents.
He was suddenly orphaned
And made vulnerable.
But for his rescue he recalls not
Where and how he wondered
In the wilderness of his native land.
He is now treated well
With kindness.
“You are handsome my child”
Will utter his new father.
“It will be the last time you will experience
The sound of any blast”.
“You will forever be safe”.
He would be held by the hand
When he is carried to the school.
He would be sat by the right
When they eat at night.
He would be checked upon
When he sleeps.
He brightens up
As he attained ten.
His teachers were amazed
At his new found intuition.
He understands all that’s taught to him.
Children found him pleasantly cheerful.
Many of his mates and others,
Orphaned through different circumstances,
were similarly treated by good Samaritans,
who, though scattered, have
Homes away from theirs.

Hearty display of humanity
Which but develops greatness out of adversity.
May God bless they who cater for orphans.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Guard thine loin

Stories were told to children,
Of the years past,
Which were dry and hard,
Occasioning tight harvests,
Inadequate to feed the folks.
Life, between the seasons,
Was passed with hunger and pains,
Uncertain of the future of kids,
And women and the weak.
Of everyone.
Fear was the mother common to all.

Then the sky appears high,
Clear and blue.
The sun rises and shines.
The weather blows warm air,
Inviting the clouds,
Bringing hope for the rains.
Happiness spreads again,
And again, and again.
Confidence appears high,
Among the Inhabitants,
Who prepare for the farms.

Use the rains wisely.
Cultivate all crops extensively.
Grains, tubers and fruits.
Manage your produce cautiously.
Use what you need.
Forget not the needy.
Store excess “for the rainy day”.
Let no rodent pilfer your stock.
Stand guard against scavengers,
Lest they take you back,
Deeply back to oblivion.

Saturday, 9 December 2017


Sleep, a cataleptic state,
Where the body recedes
Into its helpless mortality.
Bearing its greasy clutches,
Sleep creeps, at its own time,
Like a pleasant predator,
Thief extraordinaire,
Unresponsive to statuses,
To envelop its target.
A nature’s oily paraphernalia, 
Which demands its time shares,
From humanity and co.,
To induce the brain to re-calibrate,
And the self to re-invigorate,
For its endless toils.
Wait a minute,
“Let sleeping dogs lie”.
For all spices in India,
Many could fail to “catch a sleep”.
They use mixtures of inducements,
To coax passing experiences
Of sleep!
As soon as “I hit the sack”,
I do fall fast asleep.
I was made to understand,
One can “sleep like a log”.
Not to “over-sleep”,
With challenges to “sleep on”.
For example,
Responsibilities to children,
Our women and our men,
Who often “loose” their sleep;
To keep trust and give dues
To whom they are rightly due,
Will make it wrong “to go to sleep”.
Were “sleeping giants” to awake,
Things may be done without slip.
Nobody needs to “loose sleep”,
With Justice, equity and fair-play,
With He who forever never sleeps,
We can “do things in our sleep”.

Monday, 6 February 2017


Respect they who live with infirmities,
including poverty and inequities,
caused by sleaze, misrule and plagues,
those with disease who can hardly ‘breath’,
those with faulty limbs or with none at all.
I do not infer those who fall,
In the abyss of poverty that is tyranny,
custodians of greed and debauchery.
I do not surmise maladies induced by mischief,
that will forever remain a source of grief,
And a burden with no immediate relief.

I mean those whose lives are put on line
of life’s battle field infested with mines.
Struggling for normal lives,
often held by ‘sticks’ and ‘knives’.
Yet they move on in tranquillity,
Bearing deprivations with equanimity.
Most think they bear no pains,
since they entreat not anyone for aids.
They own everything as they seek to find,
Peace as strength for their body and mind.
Better being calm than going wild.

They project greatness of intention,
Not to dirge over their condition,
But strive for lawful sustenance,
within what their ability could countenance.
‘My condition’, they say, ‘is but a test,
to make me great of character and grace’.
Those may be physically malformed,
but we are morally deformed.
They do little in the positive way,
We do more but in disarray
So we are continually entrapped in rage,

We are well formed in physique and health,
And basking in unlimited wealth,
With jobs and wages well ahead of the rest,
We build appetite for all that is best,
But we grumble and look sideways always,
following ways to circumvent decent ways.
We impose, on our fellows, awful situations,
Yet block their chances of getting solutions.
Those hardly get what to cover their head,
They eat just in order to forge ahead,
and hopefully put their minds at ease,

We eat and belch without shame.
We feel not to share in the blame.
Our bloated guts and sleaze,
Appear as eloquent symbols of our greed.
Is big necessary though it engenders regrets?
I thought a blessed little could make us great,
And help us to achieve our noble goals,
of developing hearts of gold?
Let’s positive fragrances permeate the air.
Flowers of sympathy should stand clear,
to make mercy our goal and charted sphere.

Saturday, 29 October 2016


Does it come to logic to make your benefactor
the subject of your inveterate antipathy?
Yet you compare unfavourably to their
capacity for resilience and benevolence,
and to their integrity.
Why would rancour substitute gratitude,
against the source of your privileges?
At a check:
It’s the platform for your existence,
your advocate from the cradle,
pipe to your sustenance,
the reason why you can speak,
why you are heard,
the bough that shares in your burdens.
At another check:
Of what value is a malignant
reproachful disposition,
but a precursor to ill health?
May gratitude lighten up your burdens.
Humanity as a contextual entity
criss-crosses tedious milieus,
whereupon its identity is defined.
Wouldn’t life locate challenges and.
through the trials,
delineate and offer solutions,
using knowledge and skills,
to move society to agreeable heights?
At a further check:
When last did you check
the myriad of belligerence you visited
on your neighbours and compatriots?
Do you care?
Do you contribute even a dime of your earnings
to the commonwealth,
from which services go out to the society?
You think society operates off our collective sweat?
Mind and mend your ways!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Before the sun sets

Me-thinks financial auditing scrutinises records
and identify, for criticism, moot marks of non-accountability.
Eloquent integrity in both character and professionalism.
So, nought is expended save for the tone of their composition.
I offer to be corrected but,
Is he an auditor who at the onset of his trade declares:
“And, hither, I received no welcome!
“No banquet, nor lunch and,
As I see, no dinner will be served?”
As he pleads for pecuniary inducement
From his subjects of audit?
He checks not the accounts,
Nor for authorities to incur expenditure.
But, for piggishness and greed,
He seeks to okay the books for a price,
After all, he assumes,
Public service is boulevard for larceny.
His miserable misanthropic character
Mislays his duties to scurvy tricks to extract gratification.
What becomes of public trust?
Must we go forth pillaging, with toothsome delight,
the honour of this country?
Are we truly those who pledged
To serve this country:
“With all my strength
And defend her honour and glory?”
Do we think of the repercussions?
Won’t things scurry, if the sun sets,
Towards an assured precipice?
Come on dear Compatriots!!!
Transform, to the service and honour of this country,
Your scummy energy for these distasteful indulgences,
And believe me,
The BRICS would be but economies
heard of far behind our hind legs.