Thursday, 13 February 2014

To Deputy Comptroller General (Rtd) Jatau MD

Tribute to a Pearl

My mind was heavy with thoughts,
My heart came filled with load,
All eyes with tears they drenched,
The world momentarily twitched,
For here goes the genial Jatau!

Compendium of benevolence and politesse,
Professional Customs Administrator,
Academic, Researcher and Writer,
A pundit of inestimable authority,
Congenial, benign and affable.

You excel unparalleled in all relationships!
The system profited from your leadership,
Customs world relied on your guardianship,
Your equals relaxed at your companionship,
Young ones faired in your mentorship.

My wishes are unmistakably cohesive,
Retire well, live long and flourish!!!
We, the pitied, the weepy, the nostalgic,
Out sound a declaration of commitment,
To replicate your treasured achievements!!!

Alfa Ibrahim Adamu
7th February, 2014