Sunday, 1 December 2013


Whenever I think of NEPA (Nigeria's National Electricity Power Authority) I feel like saying:

"Busy old" ragamuffin, 
Unruly, inept hippo,
Why dost thou thus 24/7,
Confine us to perpetual darkness?
Must to thine motion Nigerian people live?

Who, pray, does not spend 
Out of his widow's mite....,
A good chunk to make for lightening?
An investment compelled, but lost
To the labyrinthine world of NEPA's ineptitude

When wilt thou ever bring light forth?
Do you approve of your work to see?
Would you ever overcome in a sea?
When you never swim successfully in a pool?
Wouldn`t Nigerians shout...
Oh NEPA!!!!!!!
Thou art a "saucy pedantic wretch"???