Sunday, 1 December 2013

NCS takes over its destiny 1st December 2013

The `ides` of December `are` come,
It is the 1st of December 2013,
Appointed for final disengagement of
Risk Management and Scanning technology service providers,
Global Scan, Cotecna, SGS et al,...
Nigeria Customs Service takes over its destiny,
To deliver quality service to its clients,
Based upon knowledge and best technology 
Using home grown tools with quality assurance.

International trade practitioners, analysts, academics and pundits,
Have thou known what is `PAAR` and/or `Single window`?
Are you conversant with requirements to import or export?
Process of goods clearance at the ports.
Do you require certifications, licenses or permits,
Before you come in or go out with what you want?
Which taxes are applicable to which agency at which rate?
Log unto the international trade portal:
And be guided on the above and much more.

I falicitate with my colleagues and the Service,
Our indefatigable Management team,
The various committees and tasks delivery groups
Who work over the years to ensure everythings works,
With appropriete tools and competent human resource,
Using modern Customs techniques,
To ensure transperency, preditability and simplicity,
On the modus operandi of Customs practices.
For national development and welbeing of the citizenry.