Thursday, 6 December 2012


When the new Management of the NCS set to modernize our Service to address the ever increasing challenges of international trade and related security and expectations of the trading community it initiated an aggressive modernization programme. These included a robust HRD drive, automation of procedure, employment of scanning and Risk management technology, living wage and adequate welfare for staff etc, etc. I thought about and composed the following verses:

Have you checked your Vision to see?
For, at tandem, with your Mission it should be,
Lest you shall be stranded at Sea,
Then, perhaps, loose the capacity to lead,
Your flock to the envisaged venue you foresee.

Objectives you must carefully Design,
Methodology as well, well aligned,
Wouldn’t manpower be appropriately assigned?
And resources identified and organized?
The process then kick-started and consigned?

Yester years our men were many,
Our offices also many and many,
Yet our job was performed as any,
With less heed nor remorse, not funny,
‘It was routine’, it was said with canny.

With little skilled manpower and logistics,
Ever inadequate to justify our obligations,
Our mandate vis a vis government expectations,
Could hardly be achieved to our satisfaction,
And so we moved with spent aspirations.

Our border enforcement was akin to ‘what do you carry?’
Even for goods not among what the prohibitions carry?
The ‘Long Room’ was long and procedure did vary,
From Sokoto, Lagos to Port Harcourt and Warri,
Then the trader was left in agony and worry.
Consider the tremendous level of achievement,
In the last few years of careful development,
As our system was visited with incredible enhancement,
Our human resources ditto with astonishing improvement,
‘Best Practice’, ‘knowledge based’ accomplishment.

Full automation has replaced the manual conditioning,
We employ the scanner and analyze image in examining
All consignments brought in or taken out by managing,
Their Risk through robust and competent targeting,
Everything works thanks to meticulous repositioning.

Officers are now clothed and accommodated,
Their salaries and privileges well upgraded,
Their integrity and position appreciated,
As their limits on the job are stated,
For only their best output is expected.

Modern Customs with unlimited potential,
Officers now are truly professional,
Their dedication and loyalty phenomenal,
Reliable, predictable and exceptional,
Focused, Result oriented and proficient.

Our vision for the job increases by the day,

We`re integrating the border crossings to eliminate delays,
Harmonising operations with bodies with stakes,
all agencies brought together to facilitate trade,
In a Single Window platform as a one stop stage.

Our Management team operates like no other,
They steer our ship and cruise just in order,
The ACGs, DCGs and the CGC along the ladder,
Appreciated by the Government, WCO and the wider
Society for their foresight and competence more than all others.