Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Two But One Soul

A fairly long period of association can make couples a bit edgy with one another. By virtue of the man`s headship of the household he is likely to load upon and/or expect too much from the wife. Women could be at the receiving end of their marriage relationships especially where husbands underrate their roles in the creation of a vibrant family. Experiences have shown that many a woman is traumatized by the disagreeable conduct of their husbands. The fact is that women make the family and without them a family cannot be said to be complete.
What the woman needs, I think, is respect to her person and appreciation of her contribution as a stake holder in the build up to the family. Deal mercifully with your wives dear husbands. Listen to their point of views and collaborate with them to raise your homes. This will elicit awe and eventually a belief in your persons and characters.
It is not a big deal to sincerely address your wife in a way that brings out the best in her. Consider the following few words for example:

Your face in mine appears, mine in your eyes,
Where find you two better halves?
With no squashy ends nor boggy edges,
You are all Queens and all Kings I,
Love with beams so reverend and constant,
I, like a butter fly, stand destined to surround and fly
Upon my wife, my lushly glittering Rose.
My love like a Liana has grown greater than empires,
Its orchards stand with matchless grandeur,
Would have loved you many years before the great flood,
My heart, plain white and spacious, waits luxuriantly,
With no gates, nor doors, nor locks,
For your sweet fragrance and loving presence,
In my heart thine soul dwells.

Our hands are cemented and too firmly locked,
    We share our tears and all stress we bear,
The sun shines on us as its everlasting sphere.
Since when you and I first one another behold,
Our love has grown an umbrageous shade,
With no yesterday, nor today and no tomorrow care,
A solid heart upon which no fault bears