Tuesday, 28 October 2014

To be Sincere

I wish young men could be sincere in their quest to seek for the hands of young women in marriage.Young men are often rash, harsh and impatient with young ladies and hardly ever appreciate that the latter have right to confirm the trust of whoever wants to separate them from their parents and convert them into wives. Why wouldn't young men be humble and speak to their wives 'to be' in a loving manner as follows? 

Its hurtful you believe me not,
Let’s say you trust me less,
I, sincerely, trust you more,
Having no reason not to believe so,

It`s still my humble self,
That guy you know all along,
Who came on the day with stars,
Proclaim you as a superstar.

You forget so quick with a wink?
I urge you carefully to think,
When I came I brought you a wish?
You accept with such superb a wit?

I hope to be part of you,
Best half for its bad and good,
Serve like a dress only fit for you,
Like a building with a very strong roof

Believe me I urge you more,
My frailties might be much,
I trust you know them most,
They are sources of strength though.

Not less,
More so,
Much more,
Most though