Wednesday, 9 April 2014


`I feel good`, declares the dove
`Why thou feelth good`, asked the porcupine
`For my being and my livelihood`
`Safe is my family, sound my environment`
`Mine nights secured as my days `
` Fruits abundant yields my labour`
`My neighbours ever so friendly`
`Mine being is well fortified`

`Thou hast reasons to show gratitude`
`Many are crammed in avoidable afflictions`
`Traumatised in days as their nights`
`Lives subject to incalculable twinge`
`Were leadership responsive and responsible`
`Were trust held with thorough sanctity`
`Were respect given to all human entities`
`Everyone shall feel good in equal quantity`

`Thou hast all reasons to be thankful`
  `For marauders and slayers are loose`
`Scything and plundering the innocent`
`Raiding and maiming with seamless impunity`
`Were everyone to pay their rightful fare`
`Nobody frowns or cast a sullen stare`
`Falsehood would not have a place to share`
`No one needs atone for any bad affair`

`Should authorities and society`:

`Guide kids to become responsible adults`
`Educate and show the right path to follow`
`Provide tools to robust social mobility `
`In adulthood and good care in old age`
`Facilitate access to the basics of living`
`Education, Food, light and water `
`For everyone who has a spine and liver `
`From the right, left, the front and centre`

`We will feel good and surely live good`,
Says the dove.