Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Dikko Inde Abdullahi (CFR), Comptroller General, Nigeria Customs Service : A Tribute

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Ever care to know developments in the Nigeria Customs Service? Have you cared to consider Customs as an agent of Nigeria`s development? Is leadership potent to achieving greatness in an organisation? Well be willing, at least for the first time, to be tasked a bit on developments in the Nigeria Customs Service.

Know you well how fares an institution?
First, get a grasp of its operating situation,
Then its processes and basic productions,
Whether such is Government or private organisation,
 It's leadership that drives it in the right direction,
The spirit of some was stirred to achieve greatness,
For its leader`s vision and plans for excellence,
When  some bureaus are malevolently lifeless,
Caricatures of themselves where they once stood faultless,
For dearth of he who would stir them to greatness.

Figure out Customs in its current achievements,
For the quality of its head, and his active Management,
Modernity has transmogrified its every segment,
New concepts and affiliations have painstakingly lit,
Its ethics escalating its task to lead,
In untangling complexities of the Trade environment,
Through Risks based and result oriented accomplishment,
Predicated fully within a secured cyber space,
And developed through proven domestic skills,
In the discharge of NCS` duty to the State.

The colossal `PAAR` was built with an ecumenical scope,
Its functionalities, by far, outstripping those of `RAR`,
Immensity of tasks under one grand Roof,
Developed and Christened the `PAAR Ruling` hub,
Driven by a crop of competent Customs staff,
Therein are the SO, FDVO, VCO, PARO and the RPO,
Decisive mutation to digital work environment,
When ASYCUDA transmuted + by +,
And would soon give way to `nicis` II,
For stronger Band width and more outreach.

Visit NCS` Trade hub on trade in goods,
On the touch of a button at,
Facility which eases up admission of legitimate goods,
Trade facilitation with the use of modern tools,
More revenue is collected for the nation`s use,
Borders are controlled with all energy fused,
Between agencies that work at the nation`s shores,
Inculcating the concept of Coordinated Border Rules,
To protect the country from smuggling that chokes.
Welfare of staff is raised to a comfortable stage.
Corruption at work is curved to a praiseworthy state.

NCS was re-fashioned in best pattern of forms,
With subscription to known capacity building tools,
Developed by WCO and global Trade facilitation teams,
We acceded to the WCO Revised Kyoto Agreement,
Which instrument was deposed by this Management,
We did away with ` Service Providers` of `Risk Management`,
Who constituted the worst risks to Customs Management,
In favour of the professionals in our Establishment,
We received Accolades for our superlative achievements,
For best `Service Delivery Standards` upon best KPIs.

The CGC`s message to the Trading World,
Is always relayed in very clear terms,
Through our proficient Public Relations team:
 “Be not dewy-eyed dear trader on goods”,
“Or be a `Mugu` in your dealings on goods”,
“Your dear jaunty and raffish business mood”
“Should reflect in the ethics of your trade in goods”
“Be compliant always when declaring your goods.
“Help the Service so that it would serve you good”,
“Consider your clients and your country`s good”.

The WCO West and Central Africa Region,
Suddenly came to terms with its legislation,
With the advent of this great legend,
Abdullahi Dikko Inde, the best Customs Development Agent,
On the saddle of the nation`s Customs body,
He became its Chair without any lobby,
For six solid years he gave it much courage,
Went all the way to establish a regional Customs College,
In addition to proper and more positive vigour,
He gave to the otherwise moribund regional body.

Alfa Adamu Ibrahim
Nigeria Customs Service
26th May 2015