Tuesday, 4 September 2018


When you look carefully back,
When you were on mama’s back
When you toddled and fell back,
When you happily began to walk,
When, being rude, you received a smack,
When you played with friends in the dark,
And made your dress all black;

Do you remember your school years?
While boarding with your peers?
Those moments, you were all cheers,
When you played and laughed with tears,
There were, as well, moments of fears,
When you had to run downstairs,
To hide from seniors and their sneers.

Do you recall when you started to work?
As a novice, you often got stuck?
Then you ascended due to your hard work?
Others would say this guy had lots of luck.
You created a spirit of teamwork.
You developed a successful network,
Of friends like a true Young Turk.

Life moved from one stage to the other,
You got married and became a father,
Begot one child after another,
Sisters and brothers growing up together,
Happy to have got a dutiful mother,
And the company of a lovely grandmother,
A family that prays for their forefathers.

You worked so people could have light,
You laboured all through the night,
I cannot recall seeing you fight,
Either with people or for your right.
Noble character led you to limelight,
As simple as good morning or good night,
Life can after all be a hallmark of delight.

You became a kind of celebrity,
Always wishing for prosperity,
And the need for giving charity,
Your kindness was surely a rarity,
It was easy to feel your sincerity,
I will align with you in solidarity,
So we could leave a mark for posterity.

Then I heard that you have died,
Was it true or have people lied?
I then noticed how everyone cried,
I praised God as our ultimate Guide,
There is no place for anybody to hide,
Those guided and those who misguide,
Leave your hair perpetually dyed.

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