Sunday, 18 November 2012


To build a prosperous nation requires the contribution of all, the role played by individuals not less important. Do not therefore under estimate the importance of what you can contribute to make your nation great. For:

‘You are entrusted with responsibility
To be a public servant or a nobility,
To provide service for the community,
Only the reasonable shoulder responsibility.
Will you discharge to the best of your ability?
What society feels is part of your capability,
And strive to attain a position of accountability,
Or would you rather choose to be a societal liability?
This nation depends entirely on your productivity,
Aspire to be bad and ravel in unproductivity,
And the nation will weep at your insensitivity.
Would you wish for children to be left in captivity?
Of ignorance and disease or perhaps in abject poverty?
Would you rather our elderly die in ignobility?
Or our enterprises exposed to unprofitability?
For your malignant laziness and short-sighted mentality,
To build a nation is to cherish its historicity,
Appreciate its worth and aspire for credibility,
Improve its lot and provide for maximum capacity,
For its men and women to contribute to the best of their ability
To making their society great with strong Nationality.