Monday, 29 September 2014


Fragrance and more on the environment,
Gratifying to the parent`s eye,
Bestowing profound tranquility,
Treasure of unplumbed depth,
To family and the Community.
Develop the child to sooth your hope,
When your bones desiccate and
Beg for reposeful serenity.
Prepare them for the un fathomed voyage ahead,
Make them sentient to the maze that is the world.

Select a mother for your children,
Like you would for a father of your family,
On quality seedlings rests upon a harvest,
As the race relies not on a crippled stallion,
For the “truth eternally stands apart from falsehood”,
By knowledge are normal societies driven,
On it stood nations, empires and authorities,
Objectives achieved through rightful decisions,
Lest we plan for the belligerent by our negligence,
So set in a tragedy in universal bigotry.

 “Benefit", forsooth, "is my younger son!”,
“Happiness my dear daughter!!”, could a man declare,
In passionate ownership,
With elevated reassurance when his kids, by training,
Profit Society both near and far.
Who by choice would own the mediocre?
A misfit who with ignominy,
Attracts but grief and curses to his parents,
Who then live in despair and utter misery,
A rote which, forever, consumes the family.

Children are proceeds of measured investments,
In careful tread on the greasy path,
Of parenting, nurture, and relationships,
With displeasure intertwined in endless bliss,
And consequent cost to the self and resources.
Failure is fundamental to Negligence,
As planning is characteristic to excellence,
 `Quality recipe requires lots of attention`,
Make not, by laxity, your child a misfit.
The young generations are `Hopes for tomorrow`.

Tall stands education against ignorance,
Colour your kids with good education,
The young men, the girls even more so,
A combined force of value and politesse,
Panacea for all ill which humanity afflict,
How stifled is society with unschooled youth?
A habitat for sickness, poverty and intrigues,
An object suited for the trash bin of history.
“A learned person is alive even while he is dead”,
“An ignoramus is dead while he still lives”.