Saturday 9 December 2017


Sleep, a cataleptic state,
Where the body recedes
Into its helpless mortality.
Bearing its greasy clutches,
Sleep creeps, at its own time,
Like a pleasant predator,
Thief extraordinaire,
Unresponsive to statuses,
To envelop its target.
A nature’s oily paraphernalia, 
Which demands its share of time,
From humanity and co.,
To induce the brain to re-calibrate,
And the self to re-invigorate,
For its endless toils.
Wait a minute,
“Let sleeping dogs lie”.
For all spices in India,
Many could fail to “catch a sleep”.
They use mixtures of inducements,
To coax passing experiences
Of sleep!
As soon as “I hit the sack”,
I do fall fast asleep.
I was made to understand,
One can “sleep like a log”.
Not to “over-sleep”,
With challenges to “sleep on”.
For example,
Responsibilities to children,
Our women and our men,
Who often “loose” their sleep;
To keep trust and give dues
To whom they are rightly due,
Will make it wrong “to go to sleep”.
Were “sleeping giants” to awake,
Things may be done without slip.
Nobody needs to “loose sleep”,
With Justice, equity and fair-play,
With He who forever never sleeps,
We can “do things in our sleep”.

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