Saturday, 9 July 2016


‘It's so easy for me to write for others and so difficult to do the same for myself’, says Ms Donna Lou Holloman (@_LadyDon). She is my very good friend. ‘That's modesty especially when you espouse other peoples’ excellences’, I told her adding ‘someone should write about you as well dear Donna. Although reciprocity should not be your objective’.
Being a humble personality she wrote back to me saying ‘I don't feel I've earned that yet. Everyone has a sad story, and I've yet to earn any personal glory. I have yet to accomplish anything significant to ease the burdens or heal the hearts of my fellow man. They say knowledge is power, but held in the hand it's merely a seed until it's sown in fertile land’.
That's humility again in addition to modesty on the part of Donna. I was not surprised at her not owning up to 'any personal glory'. But I feel if someone were to write on Donna so much would be put down.
I wrote back to her therefore with a confession that I was personally aware of her deep interest in seeing justice done to society generally. I continued:

“I know of your abhorrence of impunity and its resultant tyranny against the weak of society. You have gone ahead to establish contacts and advocacy processes to see the wicked brought to book. This coming out from personal conviction for proprietary and from the fall out of the gruesome murder of your beloved son by, I think, agents of state. Having said that, I am also aware of your interest in protecting and pushing for the recognition of the rights of the neglected elements of the American society. The native American Indians for example. This, you may be surprised, has gone a long way in accomplishing significant 'ease' for the 'burdens' of and/or' healing' of the' heart of many a fellow man' in a manner un recognised. A very strongly willed personality with an equally strong determination to stand against inequity, within the confines of her strength, no matter whose ox could be gored. That's Donna. I also assume you are a professional in the art of photography. You also have deep interest in nature and the environment and issues surrounding them. Someone out there could write more professionally on who is Donna and what she represents.”

Today, with Donna's kind permission, I feature one of her  iconic literary compositions. It’s a Powerful message picturesquely delivered and beautifully ornamented with definite rhyme scheme. One cannot mistake the toils gone through. I am particularly captivated by the hope, the renewed hope to overcome and inspire. It is a strong statement on a robust intent to move on.
I decided to title this poem “Hope”. Enjoy…..

“I once was an eagle soaring so high
Then came a hunter's shot, but I did not die.
I fell to the Earth on Four Corners did I land.
As fierce as a tigress ready to bite off a hand.

The forest was alight, there were flames everywhere
Home for precious life went without a care.
Indignation arose, "How could you dare?! "

Death, again, escaped me right then and right there
Once, a Redwood seed lay upon a woodsy floor
By boots of a spelunker to a cave I was bore
Dreaming of fishes and seas and distant shores

I've walked through the fire and stumbled through the rain
It's time to emerge from this cave's slumber and all of its pain
The Shimmering Path we shall pave with joy for life
Instead of longing for the grave, a bittersweet knife

With spirals that flourish -a renewed purpose they nourish
Justice and Hope and Beauty and Life
To live and to lead; In serenity and peace - without malice or strife

Choosing not the paths of violence or hate,
I stand before you, humbly
Desiring to enter the Gate”

Donna Lou Holloman (All rights reserved)