Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Before the sun sets

Me-thinks financial auditing scrutinises records
and identify, for criticism, moot marks of non-accountability.
Eloquent integrity in both character and professionalism.
So nought is expended save for the tone of their composition.
I offer to be corrected but,
Is he an auditor who at the onset of his trade declares:
“And, hither, I received no welcome! 
“No banquet, nor lunch and,
As I see, no dinner will be served?”
As he pleads for pecuniary inducement
From his subjects of audit?
He checks not the accounts,
Nor for authorities to incur expenditure.
But, for piggishness and greed,
He seeks to okay the books for a price,
After all, he assumes,
Public service is boulevard for larceny.
His miserable misanthropic character
Mislays his duties to scurvy tricks to extract gratification.
What becomes of public trust?
Must we go forth pillaging, with toothsome delight,
the honour of this country?
Are we truly those who pledged
To serve this country:
“With all my strength
And defend her honour and glory?”
Do we think of the repercussions?
Won’t things scurry, if the sun sets,
Towards an assured precipice?
Come on dear Compatriots!!!
Transform, to the service and honour of this country,
Your scummy energy for these distasteful indulgences,
And believe me,
The BRICS would be but economies
heard of far behind our hind legs.