Saturday, 29 October 2016


Does it come to logic to make your benefactor
the subject of your inveterate antipathy?
Yet you compare unfavourably to its
capacity for resilience and benevolence,
and to its integrity.
Why would rancour substitute gratitude,
against the source of your privileges?
At a check:
It’s the platform for your existence,
your advocate from the cradle,
pipe to your sustenance,
the reason why you can speak,
why you are heard,
the bough that shares in your burdens.
At another check:
Of what value is a malignant
reproachful disposition,
but a precursor to ill health?
May gratitude lighten up your burdens.
Humanity as a contextual entity
criss-crosses tedious milieus,
whereupon its identity is defined.
Wouldn’t life locate challenges and.
through the trials,
delineate and offer solutions,
using knowledge and skills,
to move society to agreeable heights?
At a further check:
When last did you check
the myriad of belligerences you visited
on your neighbours and compatriots?
Do you care?
Do you contribute even a dime of your earnings
to the commonwealth,
from which services go out to the society?
You think society operates off our collective sweat?
Mind and mend your ways!